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Innovative Dimensions International (IDI) is one of the most innovative recruiting companies involved in providing the manpower solutions since long, and over the years has made useful contributions to the national exchequer through export of human resources, mainly to the Middle East, up to the entire satisfaction of its principals. Professional scrutiny of the candidates in line with principals’ requirements and totally transparent recruitment process that is strictly adhered to make Innovative Dimensions International (IDI) the first choice for prospective employers in the region.

The highly cordial relationship enjoyed by Innovative Dimensions International (IDI) with the concerned government departments with the extensive professional knowledge of recruitment procedures that makes it possible to process recruitment expeditiously to the advantage of all. Further the work & consultancies involve close liaison with thelabor department of Emirates & agencies of Pakistan and Consulates of variouscountries in which the personnel are to work.

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Plot No F-136 Main Avenue Road S.I.T.E Area Karachi

Tel: +92 021 32578543

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Saudi Arabia


Dr Sohieb Khan

Cell: +966 5003 6354


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