Engineering Sector

Our goal is to deliver the best value for money, contributing the most innovative products and services that meet the highest international specifications. As a full Product Manufacturing and Servicing Company since 1970, Ainul Haq & Brothers offers a wide range of quality product and Industrial Solutions.It possesses the latest equipment and machinery together with an expert manpower and a highly qualified managerial team. From aiding Textile Industries, Shoes Industries, Plastic Industries, Fabrication, Design Build and Assist for market sectors include Beverage, Commercial and Manufacturing Concerns. Our company enjoys a prominent place among the competitors being the first manufacturer of Cotton Fiber Bowl and introducing Polyamide Bowls in Pakistan which was inspected and appreciated by the Sirtress (Italy) and Dong Wong (Korea). The company is also privileged for its contribution towards Glass Industry for manufacturing various products and introducing innovative ideas which was praised and valued precisely by the International Glass Concept California (USA).

Alongside the production line the company has been erecting Textile Dying, Processing, Finishing, Weaving, Knitting and Shoe Industries in the native country and Africa, and also dismantling Units from Europe. We are also specialized in LTV Sub-stationing, Designing and installing Boilers (Industrial Applications)

Products and Services

For Manufacturing & Operations

Textile Industries
  • Calender Machines
  • Cotton Fiber Bowls
  • Polyamide Bowls

  • Glass Industries
  • Thermal Shock Machines
  • Hot End Spray
  • Cold End Spray

  • Erection
  • Textile Industries ( all kind of woven and knitted)
  • Shoe Industries
  • Plastic Moulding
  • Sub stationing & Designing
  • Boiler Installation
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