Procedure of Manpower Requirement

Manpower recruiting process as can be divided into the following phases:

  • Appointment of recruiting agent by the employer by issuing power of attorney, demand letter and signing of mutual agreement.
  • Government of Pakistan formalities.
  • Selection.
  • Embassy/Consulate formalities for visas.
  • Transportation phase.

  • To streamline the export of man power in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan have appointed recruiting agent after thoroughly satisfying themselves with the standing and credibility of the agents. For processing any demand for manpower for export certain documentation is made by the government & Embassies/Consulates of countries of Employment for getting the visas endorsed

    PROCEDURE & DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR GOVERNMENT FORMALITIES POWER OF ATTORNEY Before commencing any work of employment for any principal, we have to submit a power of attorney from that principal saying that Messrs. IDI. Innovative dimensions International has been appointed as recruiting agent in Pakistan for that employer. This power of attorney must be attested by the Pakistan Embassy or Consulate. After the submission of power of attorney, the employer is recognized as a prospect employer of Pakistani manpower with protector of emigrants, government of Pakistan, and thereafter we are authorized to act as agents on behalf of the employer.

    Demand Letter
    With the power of attorney a demand letter is also required for every new demand which must be on employer's letter-head mentioning all the terms and conditions of service or the following points must covered in the demand letter.


    1. Trades/Categories of manpower required
    2. Period of contract
    3. Salary/emoluments/overtime
    4. Accommodation facilities
    5. Food (if supplied by the employer)
    6. Working hours/days

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